P1000120 copyHow to Stay Happy, Healthy and Grounded while Running a Successful Business: 3 Keys to Having it All

Are you tired of your business running your life?

Do you constantly push through fatigue to finish that one last “thing”, rather than listening to your body and taking a break?

Do you crave a life that YOU design – one that includes guilt-free time for you and with friends and family without that “To Do” list nagging you in the back of your head?

If so, you’re not alone.

The stress associated with constantly doing and giving is taking an incredible toll on our bodies, minds, relationships, and our bottom lines. There is a healthier, happier way to do life and this keynote will share some practical proven strategies to show you how.

In this participatory keynote participants will:

  • Examine the impact constantly “Doing” and “Giving” is having on their body, mind and relationships at home and at work … and on your business
  • Explore 3 keys to thriving in life and work
  • Learn powerful practices to help them stay healthy, happy and grounded while running a successful business.

“Hearing Pam speak, I was taken by the incredible passion and gift she has to share with all of us. She engages her audience in an authentic, enthusiastic and heartfelt way that is both delightful and inspiring.  In following Pam’s simple yet effective approach to being, we can each create a life with greater peace, success and joy.” Emma Bloch-Hansen, MBA, Consultant and Director, Western Management Consultants

Based on her #1 best selling book Learning to Dance with Life: A Guide for High Achieving Women that includes stories from Pam’s own life as well as those of women from 3 continents she interviewed, this keynote is an energizing experience for mixed audiences from corporate, not-for-profit, and public sector organizations, as well as associations, and groups of business and professional women.


Leadership Lessons from an Adventurous Life: How to Increase Engagement, Creativity and Collaboration

In general people are working longer and harder, they are chained to technology almost 24/7, rates of absenteeism and sick leave are escalating, and employee engagement and morale are on the decline. Even though many organizations state that they value “collaboration” and “teamwork”, many reward individuals over teams.

Well-educated professional women are leaving their senior positions or turning down career advancements when they have children, as there is not enough time to do it all. Those who try to do it all, often become ill.

In this interactive keynote participants will:

  • Examine leadership lessons learned from over 25 years of consulting and managing in a variety of organizations and cultures on 5 continents
  • Learn practical strategies to increase collaboration, increase creativity, and increase employee engagement.

Pamela has spoken to audiences around the globe from North America to the UK, from Poland to Afghanistan, from Pakistan to Nigeria. She enjoys connecting with and engaging her audiences, and is passionate about sharing her message. Pam inspires others with her powerful stories and diverse life experience.

Here’s what participants are saying:

I’m truly inspired by how Pamela weaves the real stories of her professional life into leadership lessons for us all. The breadth of Pamela’s experience and the positive ways that she challenges us to learn from life are necessary take-aways for today’s generation of leaders.” Kristin Garn, CEO, Mathtoons Media

“I was fortunate to have attended Pamela’s talk for the Women’s Leadership Network “Inspire Series” at a critical juncture of my own life. Pamela’s passion for what she does is infectious and inspires us to create a path that enables us to act as leaders without sacrificing our well-being and the things that are most important to us. As a high achiever herself, she draws on a wealth of stories from her own life to illustrate some of the simple but important lessons she’s learned about finding and maintaining balance.” Kaaren May, MBA, PhD, Consultant and Business Owner


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In addition to being a certified life and business coach, Pam brings to her speaking a diverse background as a nurse, university professor, professional facilitator, project manager and management and global health consultant in North America and the developing world. Pamela has shared her stories, practical strategies and tools for creating positive change with audiences in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Pam speaks to such groups as associations, leadership conferences, entrepreneur societies, public and private sector organizations, and their leaders … .

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