HOW I came to do this work

I learned at a young age from my family that working hard and achieving were important. My father ‘set the bar high’ and praised us for our accomplishments.

Throughout my studies and various careers, I have always given 110%. Early in my professional life, I had a number of interesting positions but never stayed for many years in any of them, until I founded my own process/management consulting company, InPro Consulting in 1992 and discovered the joy of having my own business.

I love to travel and learn about different countries and cultures and had always dreamed of working internationally. In 2003, I joined an international development consulting group and managed several large projects in Asia and Africa. In 2007, I founded a second consulting company, Global Village Consulting that enabled me to use my varied skill-set in North America and with clients in the developing world.

In 2008, I studied through Leadership University to become a life and business coach and launched Creative Life Coaching Inc. Soon after, I founded the Creative Healing Centre, a virtual organization where coaching, healing and the arts come together.

I’ve had some amazing opportunities during my life including being commissioned by the Pan American Health Organization to write a document “Health Promotion: Improving the Health Status of Women and Promoting Equity”, being part of a World Health Organization delegation to Russia just after the “wall” came down; and living and working in Kabul, Afghanistan as a Technical Advisor to the Ministry of Public Health from mid-October 2010 to mid-November 2011.