Creative Living Facilitator Program

Do you:

Feel called to make a positive difference in the world?

Want to inspire and support other women?

Enjoy mentoring and working with small groups?

If so, you’re in the right place. The Creative Living Facilitator Program is a unique training and mentoring program/opportunity that will enable you to train and support small groups of women in the 7 keys to Creative Living[1], and in so doing help contribute to building peace in the world one woman at a time. Through this program I will train and certify you to recruit and implement your own groups wherever you choose.

The program is delivered in 2 parts:

  • Part 1 – A Deep Dive into the 7 Keys to Creative Living (offered virtually bi-weekly over 4 months)

Through facilitated sessions, you will dive into each of the keys to Creative Living and make commitments at the end of each session to integrate the proven strategies and powerful practices associated with that key into your life. You will receive my support and that of an amazing group of women. You will also have a buddy/success partner.

Integrating the 7 keys to Creative Living is faster and easier if you have the support of others. What I know to be true is that if you participate “whole-heartedly” in the program, you will experience more fun, fulfillment, passion, energy, balance and inner peace in your life and develop connections with some amazing women.

  • Part 2 – Conscious Business Building – Developing and Implementing Your Own Creative Living group and being supported while doing it (offered virtually bi-weekly over 6 months)

You will learn new skills to support you in launching and facilitating your own groups that will also transfer to other areas of business; e.g. skills in: Designing and Facilitating Small Groups; Partnership Building and Collaboration; Project Design and Implementation; Identifying the group(s) you want to target with your program(s) – Doing market research, promoting and recruiting your group. You will be supported to launch your first Creative Living group, and will also have the opportunity to generate income during this phase of the program (if you choose).

If you’re interested in learning more, please email me at and write “CLFP Info please” in the subject line. I’d love the opportunity to share the Creative Living Facilitator journey with you! Pam

[1] From my book Learning to Dance with Life: A Guide for High Achieving Women. There are 7 keys to Creative Living; keys to consciously cultivating improved health, happiness, fulfillment and inner peace in your life with proven practices and powerful strategies associated with each one.