Working with high achieving women who crave more fun, balance & passion & who want to make a difference in the world

Do you constantly push through fatigue to finish that one last “thing”?

Do you long to spend guilt-free time with family and friends without that nagging “to do” list in the back of your brain?

Do you always gives 110%?

If you answered “yes” to these three questions, chances are you are a High Achieving Woman.

In the Creative Living Community we understand High Achieving Women and the challenges you face. The founder, Pam Thompson, has learned the toll that constantly “doing” and “giving” can take on our bodies, minds and relationships at home and at work. Through her fun and highly participatory keynotes, workshops and group and one-on-one coaching programs, Pam supports business and professional women to get clear on their passions and BIG WHY, and transform their lives from constantly “doing” and “giving” to healthy, balanced lives THEY design and love.

Take some time for yourself. You’re worth it!

In the Creative Living Community we believe that when we find inner peace, we can then build it in our families, communities, workplaces… and the world. If you feel called to inspire and support other women, join us in the Creative Living Facilitator Program!

Keynote Speaking

Pamela has spoken to audiences around the globe from North America to the UK, from Poland to Afghanistan, from Pakistan to Nigeria.

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